A set of measures to combat melancholy. Step one: exotic fruits

It happens that in the period between seasons, the body feels weakened and exhausted. Dry skin, tired appearance, the desire to fall into hibernation, dull brittle hair and a state of permanent melancholy. In this form, we do not like ourselves, which generally drives us into depression. The circle closes.

But there are simple methods by which you can put your body and thoughts in order, help your body recover and get back to normal. If you feel that the time has come for you to "clean your feathers", take the knowledge and power of nature and start healing your body.

Борьба с хандрой

The task of rebirth to life will not seem impossible to you if you divide it into components and approach each problem intelligently. So, what are the aspects of a joyful worldview, such as when you want to sing and soar?

First, out of mental balance. Secondly, their good physical health. Third, from external attractiveness. A classic Marxist would say that these are" three sources, three components " of the state of happiness. And he would be right. The triune task is quite capable of someone who knows the little secrets of fighting the Blues and can use them.

Agree that our mood forms the perception of the world. If the soul is overcast, then everything around seems dull, gray, trifles-irritate, and the slightest failures cause tears. All these are signs of emotional stress, which may be the result of nervous overload or beriberi.

Long-term absence of positive moments in life (or inability to see them) can also be a likely cause of bad mood and a state preceding depression. But we know that in order to paint life with different colors, you can use the power of products-antidepressants and herbs-adaptogens.

The list of products for a good mood is huge, but if you want to enhance the effect, try to make a menu of salads with exotic fruits and diversify your daily diet with tea from herbs that have unique properties and increase vitality.

Treat yourself to mango. This wonderful fragrant exotic fruit can be part of an anti-stress salad. Mango contains beta-carotene (by the way, provitamin A in mango is much more than in carrots!) and a huge amount of vitamin C. Its delicate taste and unique aroma act as the most powerful mood stimulants.

Avocado, which contains potassium and magnesium, is extremely good with lemon. To make an anti-stress sandwich, just squeeze the lemon juice on the avocado pulp, put it on a piece of bread and sprinkle with crushed nuts.

Борьба с хандрой

Carambola is another exotic fruit that has "explosive power" and can help you get out of the emotional "pit". Use carambola as a component for a salad of apples, banana, kiwi, grapes and orange, and prepare the dressing from liqueur with grated chocolate. Believe me, this delicacy, even in the harshest winter, will enliven your inner world. By the way, carambola perfectly combines with fish dishes and gives them an unusual taste.

Pineapple, ripe and delicious, cut into pieces and eaten slowly, can be considered a cure for sadness, and not just a means to burn fat.

Prepare for Breakfast a mix that can determine the mood for the whole day and make it smooth, cheerful, stable. A beautiful combination of tangerine, yellow and green kiwi fruit, honey, pine nuts.

Another anti-stress salad can be made from Apple, grapefruit slices, kiwi, dried apricots, raisins, lemon juice and honey.

Fantasize about exotic fruits, and you will see that they are really able to improve your mood!