About diet and therapeutic nutrition

According to most people, every patient needs a "Lite" diet. But here the question arises: what diet can be considered "Lite"? The fact is that there are no "easy" dishes as such. The same dish turns out to be "light" for some diseases, and "heavy"for others. For example, semolina and non-acidic jelly are suitable for a gastritis patient with high acidity of gastric juice and are not suitable for a person suffering from constipation. Therefore, we can not talk about a single diet – therapeutic nutrition should be built differentially, in relation to the nature of a particular disease, taking into account the General condition of the patient and the course of the disease.

The purpose of therapeutic nutrition is not only local, but also General health effects on the body. For example, in some patients, private heartburn and acidic burps may occur not only because of the inflammatory process of the stomach mucosa, but also due to" irritation " of the stomach associated with increased excitability of the nervous system. In such cases, diets with limited carbohydrates and sweet, fast-absorbing foods are recommended. In addition, frequent and non-abundant meals reduce the excitability of the stomach.

A special place in the system of medical nutrition is occupied by the correct regime, that is, food should always be taken at certain, strictly set hours.

Now let's talk about appetite and taste habits. On this account even academician Pavlov wrote: "All are aware that normal and wholesome food is food with an appetite, food with experienced pleasure, all other food, food by order, by calculation, is already recognized in a greater or less degree as evil, and the instinct of human health prompts us to try to eliminate it."  Unfortunately, it often happens that people who are used to a certain food that causes them an appetite, refuse other dishes, even if they are more useful for them. Then the doctor must explain to the patient why he is imposing a "ban" on his favorite food. However, this does not mean that doctors can always ignore the individual preferences of the patient – after all, a sharp transition from the usual type of food to an unusual one can lead to digestive disorders. Therefore, you need to look for compromise solutions to make it delicious and useful, and here you will find help in the portal category nourriture.ru "Grocery alphabet", which gives not only the characteristics of products, but also recommendations and contraindications to their use.