About the influence of female hormones on men's health

Female hormones are important for men's health. However, the right balance of estrogen and testosterone is necessary. With an imbalance, useful estrogen can lead to many diseases.

How do female hormones affect men's health?

The more you study the nature of the human body, the more you believe in the biblical legend of the creation of man. In the body of men and women, everything is so interconnected and interdependent that one can not help thinking: maybe it is true that eve was created from the rib of Adam? Otherwise, how to explain the presence of female hormones in the body of a man and, conversely, in the body of a woman – male?

Unfortunately, the effect of hormones on the male body is currently poorly understood. If almost everything is known about a woman's hormonal balance, and even women are treated with hormones, the question of how much men's health depends on hormones has been studied very little. But what is known is enough to draw certain conclusions about their significance.

So let's start with the origins: where do women's hormones come from in men? It turns out that the female body produces not only estrogens (female hormones), but also testosterone (male hormones). The same way a man's body behaves. In addition to testosterone, the testicles and adrenal cortex produce estrogen, only in very small amounts. 

Much more female hormones in the male body are formed under the influence of the aromatase enzyme, which converts the testosterone molecule into estrogen.

Why is this necessary? In a woman's body, estrogen affects the reproductive function. In the male body, without female hormones, the process of muscle growth is impossible, and the libido itself directly depends on the presence of estrogen.

In General, estrogen in a man's body performs the following functions: affects the formation of muscle mass; normalizes the activity of the nervous system; ensures the movement of spermatozoa; maintains normal cholesterol levels; forms bone tissue.

However, it is important that the amount of estrogen in men is balanced with testosterone. If this balance is disturbed, then the positive effect of estrogen can turn into a hostile hormone.

An overabundance of estrogen in a man's body can lead to vascular blockage, diabetes, and prostate diseases. It is not possible to define a single quantitative balance that is common to all. According to Richard Sharpe, Professor At the medical center for reproductive medicine in London, each body requires its own balanced level. However, the balance of estrogen and testosterone may change with age. As a rule, over the years, the amount of estrogen in a man's body increases, and from this, men's health can be undermined. First of all, the man's physique changes. Under the influence of female hormones, he gets fat on the female principle – in the abdomen.

The muscles become flabby. Libido decreases or disappears altogether. By the way, the disturbed hormonal balance is harmful for the female body. Testosterone, which in a balanced amount prevents the development of osteoporosis in women, provides libido and helps to strengthen muscle mass, with an imbalance can lead to female infertility. In this case, patients are prescribed hormone therapy. Professor Sharpe regrets that there is no such practice for men yet. Medicine has just begun to study this problem. Let's hope that in the near future, scientists will be able to develop a special program of hormone therapy for men.