Air and glazed rice

Air rice (blasted rice) is specially processed (blasted) steamed rice grains, which are often used in confectionery production (for example, for the preparation of air glazed rice) and dietary nutrition (for dietary loaves). 

For the preparation of air-glazed rice (blasted glazed rice), blasted rice grains, sugar, molasses, essences and food dyes are used. The exploded rice grains are loaded into a draining pot, where hot sugar-treacle syrup is simultaneously poured into a thin stream. After the syrup is evenly distributed over the surface of the exploded grains, powdered sugar is gradually poured into the boiler. The grains are poured with syrup and sprinkled with powdered sugar 5-6 times with a constant rotation of the boiler. In this case, first use a large powdered sugar, which prevents the grains from sticking together, and at the end add a fine powder. After draining, the grains are dried. Thus, the surface of the rice grains is covered with a uniform glaze crust.