- inflammation of the walls of the hole of the removed tooth.

The Etiology Of Alveolitis

Infection, extraction trauma.

The PathogenesisOf Alveolitis

Destruction of a blood clot in an extraction wound, often progression of the process that developed in the hole of the tooth before its removal.

The Symptoms Of Alveolitis

Severe pain, increased body temperature to 37.5 °C, putrid breath. The gum near the edge of the hole is hyperemic, edematous, the blood clot is melted or the hole gapes. The x-ray may reveal fragments of bone and tooth.

Treatment Of Alveolitis

Scraping of the well, its treatment with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, proteolytic enzymes and drainage. Often resort to repeated scraping. Prescribe analgesics, physiotherapy.

Alveolitis Forecast

Favorable. Often, lunar pain is delayed for 2-3 weeks.

PreventionOf Alveolitis 

Atraumatic tooth extraction.