Arterial hypertension: things get worse under pressure

Like many other diseases, arterial hypertension in our age has significantly "rejuvenated". But less than half of the population knows what hypertension is, what its symptoms are, and how to avoid dangerous consequences. The insidiousness of the disease is that at its initial stage, a person does not feel discomfort, while irreversible changes in organs and systems are already in full swing.

Doctors call hypertension a disease of "halves". The name is associated with statistics that only 50% of people who suffer from high blood pressure know about it. Only half of those who regularly measure their blood pressure seek help from doctors. And that's all ? people who want to get rid of hypertension are treated effectively. Such statistics are associated with a long-term asymptomatic course of the disease, during which violations affect many organs and systems. The most vulnerable organs for hypertension are the heart, brain, kidneys, eyes, and vascular system.

артериальная гипертензия под контролем.

Scientists believe that representatives of type " A "– people with high demands on themselves, responsible, uncompromising, striving for perfection in everything, ambitious and ambitious, who want to make the world a better place at all costs and who experience small failures as tragedies on a global scale – suffer from hypertension much more often than people of group" B " - "don't care" and philosophers.

If you belong to the first category of people, getting rid of the disease should begin with a review of your position in relation to the world. Try to understand that your position in life – anxious, restless, demanding-is working against you. Make a plan for a week or month that will take into account your most important things, but do not try to combine them. Avoid stress if possible. Learn to look at the world philosophically. If you can't influence the situation in any way, just "let it go". It is always more difficult to work on your mistakes and negative qualities of character than, for example, to give up fatty and spicy food.

Атериальная гипертензия под контролем

By the way, lifestyle and diet are factors that can provoke arterial hypertension. For anybody not a secret that lack of exercise, regular "meals" burgers and fried pies, the love of salty food, alcohol, Smoking, constant presence in the menu of fatty meats, smoked meats, a large number of eggs, cakes, pastries, ice cream and sweet carbonated water – all this is a step on the path to obesity and hypertension. Think over the system of physical activity and nutrition, include in the daily menu prunes, cereals, dates, herbal teas, beets, lemons, zucchini, nuts, honey, herbs, eggplants, watermelons, and you will make sure that the extra pounds will gradually go away, and the pressure will normalize.

You can prevent the development of hypertension by using not only a philosophical approach to life, choosing the right diet, regulating physical activity, but also controlling your blood pressure. Remember that the ideal value of blood pressure is 120/80, but the periodic deviation of systolic from 100 to 140, and diastolic from 60 to 90 is considered the norm. Doctors consider mild hypertension to be from 140-160/90-100, moderate hypertension – 160-180/100-110, and severe hypertension – from 180/110 and higher.

To" calculate " your indicators, you need to regularly measure your blood pressure for two weeks – in the morning and in the evening. Before carrying out these procedures to obtain accurate results, it is impossible to smoke, drink alcohol, engage in sports and to worry. The results of the test should show you the real state of Affairs and suggest whether there is a need to consult a doctor for advice.