Basmati rice (long grain)

Basmati Indian rice (long grain) — this is a fragrant rice, but it is significantly different from Thai "jasmine", and from other varieties of fragrant rice. 

"Basmati" grows in northern Punjab, in the region between India and Pakistan, and is valued above all types of rice in the world! It has a high amylase content and a firm, dry texture. The best Indian "basmati" has an aging period of at least a year, which helps to increase the hardness of the texture. 

Raw basmati grains are long and thin. During cooking, they increase more than two and a half times. 

It remains to add that the rice "basmati" (long-grain) - this is the best rice for side dishes. The delicate taste and aroma allow you to use it for cooking almost any dish of Eastern and European cuisine.