Black currant

The black currant got its name from the word "currant", which in the Old Russian language meant "strong smell". Indeed, the aroma of black currant can not be confused with anything: the newly plucked berry has a somewhat sharp, spicy, with sweet-sour and bitter notes, and the laid - down one has a delicate, spicy-sweet.

Blackcurrant fruits are large, round, and black in color, although sometimes their shades can vary from dark red and purple to brown. It is necessary to collect fully ripened fruits, but we must remember that in two weeks after the berries are fully ripe, the loss of vitamin C in them can reach 70%!

In cooking, black currant berries are used to make compotes, jellies, jams, jellies, sweet desserts, wine and sauces. (Blackcurrant sauce is known to set off the taste of baked beef or pork.) In addition, black currants are often added to baked goods (including as a filling) and used in marinades for meat or fish.