Lufar – a marine fish (found in the Mediterranean, Black, Azov sea, but also in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans); the only representative of the family lufareovyh order perch; looks something like a walleye.

The body of the lufar is elongated, covered with cycloid scales. At length some individuals reach 100 to 115 cm and weigh at the same 12-15 kg! Scales on the back of the fish – greenish-blue or dark gray, on the sides it is lighter, and on the abdomen completely white. 

The meat of the lufar is white, medium fat, has a dense consistency and a pleasant taste; during heat treatment, it retains its shape, remaining juicy and tender. 

It should be noted that lufar is very convenient for use in culinary purposes: its skin is thin, scales are removed easily, there are no small bones. 

Optimally lufarya bake, fry or stew. 

Mince, prepared from the flesh of the bluefish, suitable for pies, dumplings, pies, meatballs and hamburgers. 

Delicious also from the bluefish, and canned goods. 

It is important to keep in mind that a fresh gutted loafer should either be cooked immediately, or frozen, because its meat quickly deteriorates, becomes gray, loose, and also acquires a specific taste!