Career in Feng Shui

It would seem that the education is excellent, and there is work experience, and the resume can only be envied... And the good deals go by! So, it's time for you to work with delicate matters. First, with our house.

Here everything starts with cleaning

As you know, Feng Shui can help us not only in finding personal happiness, but also in finding a decent job. Chi energy is responsible for the well-being of the house and self-realization. She is very delicate and loves cleanliness, so we will start with cleaning the house first. The rising Moon is the best time to start the transformation. Boldly and without regret, we get rid of everything that simply clutters the space and does not allow us to move forward: items associated with past work, old blouses and unfashionable skirts, piles of paper. Ready? Now we take a rag and do a good wet cleaning. You should add a pinch of salt to the water - this proven tool has long been considered the most effective weapon against negative energy.

It is good if during cleaning the wind will shake the metal bells, because the right sound can do a lot. Singing bowls are another "correct" sound. If there is neither , clap your hands loudly.

We have got rid of negative energy, it's time to fill the house with positive flows. Light the incense stick and go clockwise through all the living rooms, starting from the doorway. It is important to wait for the stick to burn down to the end.

"Oh," the area of career

The Northern part of the house is responsible for the career in Feng Shui. Find this zone (it's time to get the compass) and activate it. To do this, take a glass of water (element of the North) and 9 coins (8 white and one yellow). Do you want a high salary? We select the coins of the highest value. They must be in use. We lower it into the water so that each one lies with its head up. You need to take care of the quarry area - change the water daily, and wipe the coins, otherwise the energy will stagnate. But when the long-awaited job offer comes, be sure to remove the glass, otherwise the universe will be looking for something to do.

Hang the" correct " picture on the wall

The wall of the Northern section of the kitchen should be decorated with a black and white picture. You will choose the image yourself, depending on your inner desires: the writer will put your favorite author there, or a business lady-a woman in a business suit. The main thing is that the captured character looks from left to right - from the past to the future. The signature must also be appropriate: "editor-in-Chief", "Head of your own company". Ideally, it will be framed in a black metal frame (a dialogue between the elements of Water and Metal).

Next step: select the mascots

Your talisman must relate to Metal and Water. An aquarium with moving fish, a sailboat with inflated sails, a fountain, a glass figure of a goldfish. Please note that the prototype ship does not sink, and its sails do not look towards the door or window.

Get creative, gather positive thoughts, and soon you will be choosing a job from several tempting offers.