Spotted catfish (mottled) and striped catfish-medium-fat fish, have white, tender meat without small bones, it is also noteworthy that the meat of a newly caught catfish smells of fresh cucumber. Catfish can be cooked, fried, and also used for cooking fish soup, pickles, and minced fish dishes. However, the best way to cook catfish steamed, stew (catfish, sauce) or grilled. Fry in a pan it should be exclusively in batter (see "Batter") or pre-boiled in very salty water, otherwise the pieces of catfish will literally "spread" over the pan. Many people also like a hot or cold smoked catfish snack. The blue catfish (widowfish) meat is low-fat, watery and tasteless, while the liver fat content of this fish can reach 40 %. Blue catfish is rarely used for food preparation. However, some skilled cooks cook delicious soups from it or bake it whole. In addition, it makes a good filling for fish pie.