Characteristics of diets: diet #4 (acute intestinal diseases, gastroenterocolitis, exacerbations of chronic colitis)

Diet #4 is used for acute intestinal diseases (gastroenterocolitis, exacerbations of chronic colitis) and is characterized by maximum restriction of mechanical, chemical and thermal irritants of the intestine. The diet is characterized by a large inferiority, so this diet is prescribed for a few days, after which the patient should be transferred to another diet, with fewer restrictions.

Patients are recommended strong tea, cocoa with water, acorn coffee, cottage cheese in the pureed form, wheat crackers, butter in limited quantities. Slimy soups are prepared from cereals (rice, pearl barley, oatmeal, semolina) on water with the addition of broth. Cutlet mass is made with rice instead of bread with the addition of crushed garlic. Porridge should be semi-viscous, mashed, cooked in water. It is also recommended to give patients black currant or cherry jelly.

Very sweet and cold dishes, carbonated drinks, vegetables, fruits, milk, honey, jam, spices and salty products are excluded from food. Meals are served only warm. The amount of table salt and sugar should be limited.