Characteristics of diets: diet #5 (liver and bile tract diseases, chronic colitis)

This diet is characterized by the restriction of chemical stimuli and is prescribed for diseases of the liver and bile ducts, as well as for chronic colitis. Animal fats are excluded from the diet, except for a small amount of butter. The use of eggs is restricted.

The list of permitted products includes: weak tea and tea with milk; whole milk, sour cream and cottage cheese in limited quantities; olive and refined sunflower oil; eggs without yolks (no more than 1 yolk per day is allowed); dairy soups, vegetables, cereals (without mushrooms, peas, beans, beans, lentils, sorrel, spinach, browned vegetables and flour); boiled lean meat, fish and poultry; cereals (except legumes) and macaroni products; vegetables in boiled and baked form; fruits, except sour varieties, in raw, boiled and baked form; berries, except cranberries, red currants and gooseberries; sugar, jam, compotes and jelly.

White sauces should be prepared without vinegar. You can give sweet varieties of tomatoes, sauerkraut, non-spicy tomato paste.

It is recommended to use white, gray and rye bread. The amount of table salt is not limited.