Characteristics of diets: diet #7 (kidney diseases (with edema), inflammatory processes (with edema), skin tuberculosis)

This diet is recommended for kidney diseases and inflammatory processes accompanied by edema; and in addition, for tuberculosis of the skin.

Table salt is excluded from the diet, the amount of extractive substances is sharply limited, the content of proteins, carbohydrates and liquid in food is reduced (up to 0.6-0.8 liters per day in the form of drinks and liquid dishes).

Patients are allowed: sweet tea and tea with milk; cream, sour cream and cottage cheese; unsalted butter and refined vegetable oils; eggs in limited quantities; vegetable soups, cereals, fruit, vegetable broths or milk; meat, river fish, poultry, boiled or toasted after boiling; cereals and pasta in all types in limited quantities; vegetables, except radishes, parsley, celery, spinach, sorrel and legumes, in all fruits and berries in limited quantities; sugar, jam and sweet dishes in limited quantities.

Milk and sour cream sauces should be prepared without salt. Bread and cookies should also be salt-free, their quantity is limited to 400 g per day. To improve the taste, you can add boiled onions and lemon juice to dishes.