Chili pepper "pasilla" (chilaca, chili negro, achocolatado)

For its black color and shriveled skin, this pepper was nicknamed "little raisin". When fresh, it is called "pasilla", and when dried, when it can replace ancho and mulato, it is called "chili negro". 

Fresh pods of "pasii" are thin, dark green in color. Their length is 5-7 cm, and the taste is moderately burning, with a berry tint. 

Pods of "pasiyi" are used most often in sauces and soups. In Mexico, England, and the United States, they are sold whole or in powder form. 

Some types of "pasiyi" pepper are called "chilaka". The fruits of "chilaki" have a curved shape and reach up to 22 cm in length. At the same time, the color of a fully mature pod varies from dark green to dark brown. 

Peppers of the varieties "pasiya" (also chili negro) and "chilaka" go well with fruits, duck, seafood, lamb and mushrooms. In addition, they are often combined with garlic, fennel, honey or oregano.