Concrete advice: how do I go camping with my child?

Many teachers and parents are wondering: how to properly equip children for a hike and how many kilograms can they carry? So, let's figure it out! After all, any trip is a load, and there are different criteria for each age.

Children go camping!

Let's start with the fact that children of primary school age can safely make trips to distances not exceeding five kilometers. Starting from the age of 12, children can already go camping for two days, that is, with an overnight stay. And 13-14-year-olds can easily manage routes with a total length of up to 25 kilometers.

Here it is necessary to make a reservation that only healthy children can go on long trips (with an overnight stay), but those who are often ill are recommended to participate exclusively in short walks and excursions. In General, a child can only go on a hike if he feels well, since he will have to go at a fast pace and carry a load. Therefore, even strong, trained children should refrain from Hiking immediately after the disease.

Camping equipment

In order for the campaign to succeed and not bring harm and distress instead of benefit and pleasure, it is necessary to prepare for it carefully.

First of all, dress correctly so that it is not hard and hot. It is very important that the shoes fit the foot - not too tight and not too spacious, do not RUB or press anywhere. It should not be hard, but at the same time keep the arch of the foot well. In short, suitable sneakers, sports shoes or sneakers.

On the road, the child should take the most necessary things, including water. For children 11-12 years old, the weight of the backpack should not exceed 4 kg, and for teenagers 13-15 years - 5 kg.

While walking, the child should breathe deeply through the nose. In this case, the speed of its movement should be approximately 3-4 km/h.

Every hour of the trip, the child needs to make a ten-minute stop, and in the middle of the way-a big two-hour break. During the rest period, the child can remove the backpack and, if circumstances allow, shoes. For better relaxation, the child can sit or lie down with something on the ground.