Concrete advice: how to collect mushrooms correctly?

Summer is approaching-the time of "quiet hunting", and many are already looking forward to their first trip to the forest for mushrooms. But only how to collect mushrooms correctly ? Here are some recommendations for beginners.

1. To collect mushrooms it is recommended at dawn and in the morning. To do this, you need to get a low basket, woven from willow.

2. during collection, mushrooms should be cut off with a sharp knife at the base of the leg, without damaging the mushrooms. With this method of collection, the change in the color of the pulp can determine whether the edible mushroom is cut or not.

3. Do not collect worms and overripe mushrooms, because they quickly deteriorate and can cause poisoning.

4. Collect only those mushrooms that are well known to you as edible!

5. do not pull the mushrooms out of the ground, because this way the structure of the fungus is broken, which leads to the death of the fungal mycelium and the absence of fruiting.