Concrete advice: how to deal with a headache?

If we have a regular headache, it means that there are special reasons for this, for example, high blood pressure or intrauterine pressure. Meanwhile, in addition to the clinical diagnosis that causes a headache, there are often other explanations for our disease, because the head can also hurt due to a number of violations that we allow in our daily routine. In other words, because of our wrong actions, we suffer more often than we could have!

So let's figure out what our mistakes are.

Concrete advice: how to deal with a headache?

1. first, a person who often suffers from migraines and other ailments in the head should fully sleep, but in no case do not oversleep, that is, too long sleep is also harmful to the head.

2. second, the bed should not be too soft, and the pillow should not be high.

3. third, it is necessary to observe the diet, because an empty stomach also often calls for headache and dizziness.

4. fourth, do not only morning exercises, but also small warm-UPS during the day, even if they take only 10-15 minutes in total.

5. fifth, consume less tea, coffee, and alcohol (this also includes other tonic drinks). This rule is especially important to observe in the afternoon!

6. sixth, if you still have to drink a little alcohol, then in no case do not mix several drinks.

7. seventh, when working at the computer or when reading small print, make sure to take small breaks and give your eyes and head a rest.

8. eighth, try to react more calmly to what is happening around you, not to conflict, not to get involved in squabbles and disputes.

9. ninth, you need to monitor the condition of the eyes, nose, ear and throat. If something is wrong with these organs, then the headache will often declare itself!