Concrete advice: how to protect oily skin from wind and frost?

Cold weather is coming - every day the temperature outside the window is lower, and the wind is more merciless, including to our skin. Those who have it dry, keep their finger on the pulse all year round, but those who have it fat, often believe that they have nothing to worry about. Are they right? Partly Yes, because due to the fact that the oily skin is covered with a layer of sebum, it to some extent protects itself from the cold. But, on the other hand, this does not mean that on frosty days you do not need to use any creams. Anyway, even with oily skin, the face will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, if the temperature has fallen below 10 degrees, it is better to apply a bold cream to the skin. It is also important not to wrap your face in a scarf, because when you breathe, moisture is released that threatens the skin with irritation.

During the thaw, instead of a bold cream, you can use moisturizers and emollients, for example, with panthenol. On these days, it is recommended to wash your face with a special milk (without alkali) and wipe your face with a bispirtovym tonic.