Corn starch

Corn starch is obtained from the germs of corn grains. In its raw form, it is a milky-white transparent paste with a low viscosity. Its smell and taste are comparable to the smell and taste of the corn kernels themselves.

After drying, corn starch becomes white or yellowish in color and swells perfectly in cold water.

Ready-made corn starch is divided into three grades: premium starch, first-grade starch, and amylopectin, or amyloid, starch (from waxy corn).

In cooking, corn starch is used in the production of meat delicacies, ketchups, sauces, puddings, chocolate and soft candies and pie fillings. In addition, it is used when baking bakery and confectionery products, when you need to give more softness to the product and reduce the amount of sugar and fat.