Cysts of the jaw

- pathological cavity formation of odontogenic origin.

The etiology and pathogenesis of cysts of the Jaw

Root cyst develops from epithelial elements under the influence of irritating effects of the focus of inflammation in the periodontium. The origin of the follicular cyst is associated with the cyst-like degeneration of the dental follicle tissues.

Maxillofacial cysts clinic

The course of jaw cysts is initially asymptomatic. As it develops, a rounded painless protrusion, thinning of the bone wall of the cyst is formed. The x-ray shows a clearly defined spherical cavity; in a root cyst, the root of the tooth with an affected theriodont, and in a follicular cyst, an uncut tooth (or the crown part of the tooth) embedded in a bone defect. When the cyst suppurates, symptoms characteristic of acute odontogenic osteomyelitis occur.

Treatment of Maxillofacial cysts

Operative – cystotomy and cystectomy. In some cases, the root of the cyst is treated conservatively. Suppurated cysts require urgent treatment – opening the cyst and draining its cavity.

Prognosis of Maxillary cysts

In most cases, favorable. Large cysts of the lower jaw can be complicated by a pathological fracture.

Prevention of Maxillofacial cysts

Modern treatment of apical periodontitis.