Diet and steaming for weight loss and the patient's gastrointestinal tract

Today, many diets place emphasis on specific products, while more often it is not even important what kind of product you use, but how it is prepared.

Диета пароварка для похудания или больного ЖКТ

Steaming techniques are quite simple. Food prepared in this way is both nutritious and useful, and it also belongs to the category of dietary, because it is absorbed as quickly as possible. Cooking steam dishes does not require vegetable oil ( corn oil , sunflower oil, sea buckthorn oil ), so no carcinogens are formed, even in micro quantities. Steaming immediately reduces the calorie content of a large number of familiar dishes.

  • This is a real alternative to grueling fasting and other radical measures to combat excess weight.
  • Steam treatment is gentle and effective: physically, steam is never heated above 100 degrees, so the products do not lose vitamins. Also, when cooking with steam, the products are actually isolated from oxygen, and therefore they are not oxidized.
  • And if during normal cooking, about half of the useful substances in vegetables are destroyed, then when cooking with steam, only 3% of them are lost.

Diet with a steamer for weight loss or with a sick gastrointestinal tract

Go further: the oil forms a harmful compound when heated – acrylamide, and when steamed, it naturally does not appear. The next plus of the steamer is especially relevant for novice cooks: if the pan is very likely to go beyond the recipe, as they say, do not comply with the technology, then it is simply unrealistic to burn anything for a couple. In a device such as a pressure cooker, nothing will ever burn or boil over.

Диета пароварка для похудания или больного ЖКТ

Note to the sweet tooth: steaming is good because it allows you to eat small amounts of even sweet and flour, since the calorie content of these dishes depends significantly on the type of heat treatment. The main thing is that these products are consumed in the first half of the day. The arguments in favor of steaming are really impressive.

  • For example, brown rice loses vitamin B1 completely in any type of heat treatment other than steam.
  • As for running water, most cities in the world contain heavy metal ions, as well as chlorides and chlorates used for cleaning. During evaporation, the water is automatically cleared of these components, which means that the food does not absorb harmful substances.

I must say that some fans of fast food and spicy ketchup food from slow cookers and steamer often seems quite bland. If you are one of them, then do not forget about spices and herbs: Basil, dill, parsley and oregano will make your food more flavorful. And as sauces, Lecho or adjika is suitable.