Dietary nutrition for atopic eczema

For atopic eczema, children under 1 year of age should not eat eggs, dairy products, cereals and citrus fruits.

Children aged 1 year and older should be excluded from the diet: cocoa, chocolate, nuts, honey, spices, smoked meat and smoked meat in General, crustacean meat, sweet cheeses, spicy semi-finished products, products prepared with the addition of spicy vegetables, canned food, Coca-Cola, alcohol.

Allowed: liquid-1-2 liters per day (for children older than 1 year); small amounts of fat (preferably of vegetable origin), depending on individual tolerance; milk and dairy products; any lean meat, except game; all types of vegetables (for children older than 1 year); small amounts of any fruit (it is also important to take into account individual tolerance); flour and bakery products of any type.

Recommended methods of processing products: cooking, stewing, grilling. For older children, frying on a frying pan and coals is also allowed.