Dietary nutrition for high cholesterol

The list of prohibited products with high cholesterol in the blood: egg yolks and products derived from them; sausage products; fatty meat, including goose and duck; animal fats; cream; fat cream; fat dough; caviar (various fish breeds); strong alcoholic beverages; fried dishes; salty delicacies, including chips and nuts.

List of permitted products: margarine (foreign) and vegetable oil; milk and dairy products with a low fat content; game and young meat (veal, young lean pork, young lamb, kangaroo, chicken, Turkey, rabbit), pond, river and sea fish; ham made from Turkey, chicken or pork (the latter type of ham can be eaten only in small quantities); all types of vegetables, including legumes; fruit - all types, especially apples; whole-grain types of cookies and bread.

When the condition improves, the list of permitted products is supplemented with sausage products and dishes made from poultry.

Recommended methods of processing products: stewing, cooking, baking, grilling.