Disease prevention (prevention of pancreatitis): proper work and rest regime

Today, doctors distinguish primary and secondary prevention. Primary prevention is designed to preserve the health of healthy people, prevent the impact of factors of the natural and social environment that can stimulate painful changes in the body. (By the way, in case of abdominal injuries, you should immediately consult a doctor, since the impact can cause the development of pancreatitis and cause great damage to the liver.)

The aspects of primary prevention include, first, the prevention of diseases by eliminating the causes and conditions of their occurrence, and secondly, increasing the body's resistance to adverse environmental factors, household, social and industrial environment. The purpose of secondary prevention is to prevent exacerbation (relapses), progression of the disease process and its possible complications.

To effectively combat acute and chronic pancreatitis, it is necessary to combine primary and secondary prevention measures. It is also important to have a proper lifestyle, which undoubtedly serves as the basis for the prevention of almost any acquired diseases. However, it is rare for anyone to lead a healthy lifestyle in conditions of constant stress and the need to obey the ultra-fast rhythm of work. Unfortunately, employers often neglect the principles of building a working day. In turn, their subordinates also rarely pay enough attention to the organization of their recreation.

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It is known that performance changes during the working day. At first, it is high, and then, along with fatigue, it decreases. Therefore, it is important to learn how to relieve fatigue. For example, during the lunch break, you can take a few minutes for walking, and during short breaks in work, you can perform simple gymnastic and breathing exercises. This is not only useful, but also necessary for people whose work consists of monotonous operations performed in sedentary positions.

In General, any person, but especially those engaged in mental work with a sedentary lifestyle, should set aside at least half an hour each day for physical exercise or physical labor, and on weekends – a significant part of the time.

We must also remember that a person cannot live without emotions, especially positive ones. Communication with nature, art, various Hobbies, interests, Hobbies, everything that brings joy, pleasure, satisfaction – is also part of a healthy lifestyle. Conclusion: you need to devote at least a few minutes a day to your favorite activity, which would relax and infuse new mental strength.