Dislocation of a tooth

- forcible displacement of the tooth with periodontal damage. 


Types of tooth dislocation

Dislocations are divided into incomplete and complete , when the tooth has lost contact with the hole, as well as pinned dislocations .

Symptoms of tooth dislocation

Severe pain, displacement of the tooth from the dentition, its pathological mobility. Later, periodontal inflammation and necrosis of the tooth pulp occur.

Treatment of dislocation of the tooth

With incomplete dislocation, the tooth is set in the hole and fixed to adjacent teeth. If there are signs of pulp necrosis – trepanation of the tooth crown and endodontic treatment. With a complete dislocation, the tooth is removed or replanted. With a pinned dislocation – observation.

The prognosisof luxation of the tooth

With incomplete dislocation, it is favorable. With a pinned dislocation, the tooth may eventually take its place in the dental row.