Eat right to avoid aging

There are many factors that contribute to early wear and aging of the body. One of them is overweight. Of course, not the kilograms themselves force the aging of the body, but excess weight leads to problems with the heart, blood vessels and blood pressure, which not only bring the aging of the body closer, but also very much worsen the quality of life. Question: how to eat properly so that senility does not come along with natural old age?

It is believed that if you reduce the calorie content of the daily diet by forty percent, then physiological aging will occur later, which means that life expectancy can increase by a third. There is also a list of products that can slow down the aging process.

Scientists have conducted a lot of experiments on laboratory animals. As a result, it turned out that the consumption of low-calorie food contributes to the prolongation of life. Similar experiments were conducted on rodents, predators, and primates. The results show that if you eat low-calorie foods, you can even slightly lower your body temperature and improve your metabolism, and this is directly related to slowing down aging.
Tip: try to adjust your diet gradually! Study the literature in advance, as there is a minimum calorie limit that can not be crossed – it can harm your health. Then there are plant components that bind harmful compounds, and enzymes that have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole. Such useful substances are present in many products of plant origin.

First, we are talking about plants of purple and bright red colors (berries, vegetables, herbs). In second place are nuts, sprouts of various food plants (soy, mustard, wheat, beans), garlic, onions, grapefruits, spinach and all kinds of greens. The third place is taken by tea drinks of bitter taste: Kudin, gentian tea, tansy tea, Puer.

Don't forget to also exclude harmful foods from your diet, otherwise this whole idea doesn't make any sense! Fatty dairy products, fatty meat, products containing margarine and preservatives - these are the main enemies of your body! (In General, excess meat in the diet is very conducive to aging of the body, since it is slagged with decay products.)

A few General rules:

1. when Reducing the caloric content of your diet, be sure to take into account all your individual characteristics: whether you are overweight or underweight, what type of work you do and how active you lead a lifestyle.

2. when choosing a food product, be sure to read the information provided on the packaging, and select, if possible, a less calorific analog.

3. Don't try to lose weight as quickly as possible. Don't go on a strict diet. Better optimize your diet and make healthy eating a lifestyle.

4. Most of the protein and protein try to replenish at the expense of fish and marine products.

5. short daily fasts are very useful (if there are no contraindications).

We hope that our recommendations will help you feel cheerful for many years to come!