Exercises for neck pain

Special exercises for neck pain restore the muscle corset and ligament elasticity, as well as improve blood circulation. Especially effective and safe for neck pain isometric exercises that train the muscles when they are completely motionless:

  1. With effort, press your forehead against the palm of your hand for 5 seconds, relax, and then move your hand to the back of your head and press the back of your hand for 5 seconds. The hand and head should not move when performing the exercise.
  2. The same should be done by applying the palm to the right and left temple.
  3. Rest your chin on your palm and press it (5 seconds).
  4. Raise your chin to the highest possible position and gently turn your head all the way to the right and then to the left. Do the same with your chin as low as possible to your chest.
  5. Tilt your head back a little and try to reach your shoulders with your right and left ear alternately.
  6. This complex should be performed 5-6 times a day. Each exercise is performed 3 to 5 times for 5 to 10 seconds.
The above simple exercises for neck pain are indicated for cervicalgia, and static exercises are included in the treatment of neck protrusion (in the initial stage of the disease).