Fatigue from inactivity. Is there a way out?

We affirm: there is a way out! If only you make a minimum effort and banish laziness . So, to get rid of the state of almost chronic fatigue, leading a sedentary lifestyle (and who does not lead it now?), you need to analyze the situation, decide for yourself how important it is for you to learn to help yourself and go to decisive action. Practice shows that the greatest results can be achieved by preventing the consequences of hypodynamia, rather than trying to get rid of them. In other words, until the fried cock bites, we start working on ourselves.

The fight against physical inactivity and prevention of inactivity 

The set of measures to combat fatigue should include all available means:

  • balanced diet;
  • to arrange favourable for the organism mode of the day;
  • use folk remedies and herbal medicine;
  • to apply aromatherapy;
  • use home cosmetics "from the refrigerator»;
  • to resort to recovery through the different types of massage;
  • make a contrast shower;
  • to perform exercises for the eyes (when working with a computer) and legs.

1. Proper nutrition is the key to good health, regardless of the place of work and lifestyle. Sedentary work – physical or intellectual – requires no less care for the "mortal body" than, say, working as a miner. Therefore, task #1 for those who want to feel better is to create a balanced diet with loads in mind. Calculate the caloric content of the products included in your menu, include fresh juices, fruits, herbs, cheeses, vegetables, nuts and honey, and do not forget about the role of protein products and polyunsaturated fats . Let the food be light and delicious!

Правильное питание при гиподинамии

2. Don't go to bed after midnight. After all, all living nature falls asleep at night – this is how the world works. So why do you give your body a marathon race without giving it a full night's sleep? Do not forget that, first, the resources of the human body have their limits, and secondly, you will not earn all the money.

Правильный сон

3. Use the opportunity to stretch in the middle of the working day. Make it a rule - every hour and a half to get up from the chair and do exercises. Let your colleagues in the office not be confused by your intense rotation of your hands and body. Show them the result of this change of activity, and they will be happy to join you in a month.

4. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle and work at home, take a contrast shower. It perfectly tones and brings back to life, relieves nervous tension and makes the brain work more intensively. Remember that water is life, and do not forget to drink a lot during the day (Yes, a lot!) plain water. In addition, make a foot bath. Just add ordinary table salt to cool water and lower your feet into the basin for 20-30 minutes. The effect will not be long in coming.

5. Prepare for the next business day in advance. Before going to bed, make yourself a bath with an extract of pine needles or a decoction of soothing herbs: mint, Melissa, motherwort, hops. You can buy Valerian tincture at the pharmacy and pour the bottle into the bathroom. Sleep will be strong and healthy.

6. Sitting in front of the monitor screen and at the end of the day almost unable to distinguish the letters, do not forget that there is a simple way to help your eyes. Eye exercises can be done without getting up from a chair. Learn two or three of the simplest exercises to train the muscles of the eyeball and use this development of ophthalmologists for your health.

7. Remember that in the world of smells there are those that stimulate mental activity, cheer up and relieve tension. You can buy scented candles and enjoy the smell of lemon, cloves or thyme. Or you can conduct an aromatherapy session using the peel of an orange or lemon. Peel the fruit and put the crust on the battery or at least just next to your workplace. By the way, you can also not only drink coffee, but also smell it (both in ground form and in the form of grains).

8. Master the techniques of self-massage, and you will understand how right you were Japanese, offering guests with tea the opportunity to relax in this way. Massage of active points located on the auricle stimulates the activity of all organs and systems. And also massage the earlobe – a great tool to avoid falling asleep at the wheel.

If you adopt these simple techniques and use them regularly, you will feel much better. As a result, inactivity, with its terrible consequences, will not be terrible for you. Be healthy!