Features of the Austrian national cuisine: the Vorarlberg Rescate

Cheese tart "Rescate" used for making the famous Vorarlberg cheese sticks. For its unique taste, it even received the title of "king of cheeses". 

The word " RES "itself means "spicy", "satisfying", and indeed, the classic "reskeze" contains 45 % fat, and due to the fact that it is kept for 5 months at a temperature of 16 degrees, it gets its unique rich taste.

The famous cheese sticks ("kazeshpatzle") consist of 1/3 of this cheese and, perhaps, it is its taste that becomes dominant in them.

The surface of the head "landle raskase" is covered with a brown dry crust, while the inside of the cheese remains light yellow, with a few round holes. The taste of this cheese, as already mentioned, is tart, spicy, intense.

In addition to the classic "raskese", which has a 45% fat content, there is another option-more moist and 10% less fat. This kind of cheese lovers the "Rescate" is especially spicy and delicious.