Common name of several species of flat marine fish from the botus family.

Flounder-a fish that has an unusual flattened body with eyes located on one side. It lives in the Okhotsk, White, Baltic seas and the Atlantic ocean.

The main feature of flounder is almost complete absence of fat: according to nutritionists, the percentage of fat content in flounder meat does not exceed 3% (Northern flounder species have more fatty meat). But flounder is very rich in proteins (16-20%).

Flounder can be eaten fried, boiled, baked, salted and smoked. At the same time, it is best to fry the flounder in butter, as it gives the fish an unusual, delicate taste. However, please note: during roasting, the fat content of flounder may increase by 3-4 times, since its flesh absorbs a lot of oil!

For dietary purposes flatfish, it is recommended to cook for a couple (without the salt!) or cooking.

But salted and smoked flounder is contraindicated for people with cardiovascular diseases and hypertension.