Wheat flour

Flour of all varieties must be sifted through a sieve before use. This prevents accidental ingress of foreign elements into the product and improves the baking properties due to the contact of all flour particles with air oxygen. 

Wheat flour of the highest grade

It is a white flour with a faint cream tint and a pleasant taste. To the touch, it is softer and finer than grits: tender, dry and slightly sticking to the hands. This flour is used to make cakes, pastries, cookies, pastry pies and buns. In addition, high-grade and first-grade flour is used to produce Eastern flour products. 

Wheat flour of the first class

The flour is white, sometimes with a yellowish tinge. A wide variety of products are prepared from it. 

Second-class wheat flour

This type of flour has a darker color. Second-grade flour is used for baking gingerbread, pies and cookies, as well as for making fillings. 

Rye seed flour

Rye seed flour has fine particles. It looks like wheat flour of the first grade. 

Corn flour

Corn flour 72-75% ground consists of small cream-colored particles. This flour does not contain gluten, so products prepared with yeast, thanks to this flour are not porous and loose, but dense and difficult to bake. To make the dough more elastic, you need to add more yeast and wheat flour. You can also brew part of the corn flour (in salted boiling water, pour the flour in a ratio of 1:1) or soak for 2-3 hours. 

Corn flour 10-20% is added to the dough in the manufacture of biscuit products, so that they become crumbly.