Folk signs and superstitions: signs of Italy, signs in Russia, signs in Ukraine

Signs Of Italy

If an Italian hears a cat sneeze, he is sure that he will be happy! But a bird that flew through an open window - to the trouble. 

Italians believe that peacock feathers should not be kept in the house, otherwise the owner will not avoid trouble. But if you make a "goat" out of your fingers, you can assume that the evil spirits will bypass you. 

The people of Italy do not like compliments, for praise is the chief weapon of the devil. To test yourself for damage – is it there or not? – you can drop a drop of olive oil on the Holy water and draw the appropriate conclusions from its shape.
Further, the Italians believe that a meeting with a nun threatens trouble, and to warn them, you need to touch a metal object.

Oddly enough, the number 13 in Italy is considered happy, and the number 17 is considered unlucky.

русская девушка

Omens in Russia

In Russia, there is a lot of information about various spheres of life: education, love, material goods. Everyone knows that the right hand itches for a meeting, but the left palm – for money. You can't leave a book open, pull out the first gray hair, leave ashes in the hearth, return empty borrowed dishes and sit on the doorstep. 
If a spark falls out of the stove - you need to wait for guests.
A ringing in the right ear means for a Russian person the approach of good news, an itch in the right eye – a long look at a cute friend, and a tickle near the eyebrow – a welcome meeting with a lover. 


Omens in Ukraine

Residents of Ukraine believe that nothing can be passed over the threshold, so as not to spoil relations. Wearing clothes inside out is a sign that a person can get "nuts". 

Girls can not finish eating the dishes to the end, or the future husband may be red-haired. 

To ensure that there is always prosperity and abundance in the house, when moving to a new home, Ukrainians let the cat in first.