Fun gymnastics for summer residents

Despite the fact that it is not spring outside the Windows, many dacha lovers still often spend weekends in the country, or rather, on their favorite sites. And, as you know, on the eve of winter on the sites have to work quite a lot. Perhaps it makes sense to prepare your body for additional loads in advance, so that you do not suffer from sprains and ordinary muscle pain?

Exercise 1.

So, let's start with a hand exercise that will help us move tanks and buckets of water, as well as put a stepladder or ladder.

Get up on all fours, put your hands shoulder-width apart, and keep your back straight. Push-UPS from the floor 10-15 times.

Exercise 2.

The second exercise is aimed at training the muscles of the legs and knee joints, it will help us prepare for work on the ground.

Put your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, keep your back straight, arms straight and raised up. We bend slightly forward and squat so that the hips are at right angles to the shins and parallel to the floor. We also perform this exercise 10 times.


Exercise 3.

This is an exercise for fans of swinging a shovel. It will allow us to train the back muscles.

Put your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your torso forward at 45 degrees, arms bent at the elbows and hands joined in a lock, hold the lock in front of your chest, the left elbow goes down, and the right slowly rises up. Then we lower the right one and raise the left one. Perform the exercise 10 times for each elbow.

In some ways, we should be like the Granny in the picture.

Бабуля Алеша Попович

Exercise 4.

This exercise will allow us to lift a watering can or a small bucket of water. It is designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles and to train the hip joints.

We lie down where the cats didn't write. Bend your legs at a right angle and put them on the sofa or chair. We hide our hands behind our heads or stretch them out in front of us. We lift the shoulder blades off the floor, lifting the back as much as possible. Not a hack! Do the exercise as many as 10 times.

Exercise 5.

Train the muscles of the spine. This will make it easier for us to pick fruit from other people's trees and steal apples from the garden of the Hesperides.

We are lying where we were before. Roll over on your stomach, arms and legs stretched out. Raise your right arm and left leg from the floor, then Vice versa. Do the exercise for each leg 10 times.

Геракл в саду Гесперид