Green onion

Green onions are the most common spice used by different peoples to give dishes a taste and an attractive appearance. 

Most often, green onions are used for cooking meat, fish, vegetable and egg dishes (omelets). 

At its core, green onions are ordinary fresh onions, also called spring onions. As a rule, only the feathers of this onion are used for food, but sometimes the feathers are used together with an underdeveloped onion. The full green leaves often taste sweet; the white part of the stem and the small bulb are also bittersweet. 

Green onions perfectly tolerate heat treatment, preserving almost all the taste qualities. Finely chopped green onions are used to fill fish, meat and vegetable soups, as well as salads. In addition, chopped onions are suitable for making sprinkles of mashed potatoes and potato patties (zraz), and chopped onions together with chopped egg are a popular filling for pies. 

In relation to cooking, the distinctive feature of green onions from onions is the absence of sulfur-containing substances. This means that green onions do not cause tears during cutting.