Health horoscope: Aries

The sign of Aries is under the protection of Mars, and so the "sheep" is literally overflowing with energy, which they do not always clearly know where and how to direct. What can you do? This is the fate of Aries: they often have a headache from excessive anxiety and pent-up feelings. But let's talk about everything in order.

Health horoscope: Aries

Let's start with the fact that Aries themselves are persistent and persistent people. However, this mainly applies to Aries men, who are leaders in the zodiac both in terms of sexual potential and in the sense of endless production of new ideas and projects.

As for friends and buddies, Aries is ready to give them valuable advice about what to do, but how exactly to implement the plan, he will not be able to answer articulately.


Aries: character traits

By nature, Aries is quick-tempered, impulsive, but not as energetic as they would like. Hence the scattering and, as a result, the standard set of diseases: hypertension, extensive problems with the digestive system (with the liver, pancreas (diabetes mellitus), intestines, gall bladder, stomach), facial neuralgia, insomnia, sexual disorders (mainly this has to do with men who, if they do not cope with their passions, risk losing potency until old age). Plus, Aries often have diseased kidneys and thyroid gland. They also catch angina every now and then. However, it is difficult for them to lie in bed, gargle and drink pills due to the peculiarities of their neuropsychological warehouse-so they "earn" also a complication on the heart, which causes an additional blow to their health in General.

At home and at work, Aries dreams of being leaders, which they rarely manage, including because of disorganization and, as mentioned above, lack of energy. Fatigue and nervous breakdowns bordering on mental disorders are frequent companions of Aries. It is not surprising that relationships with relatives and colleagues are difficult for Aries, and this upsets, first of all, the Aries themselves.

Aries women either feel great, cheerful, or are on the verge of physical and nervous exhaustion. It is especially important for them to count their strength in advance. Separately, we note that often in the puberty period, sheep girls have impaired vision.


Advice to Aries: it is necessary to observe the measure, and literally in everything – starting with food (Aries love spicy and smoked, but they can not!), ending with harmless Hobbies. You need to learn how to allocate time correctly, not to waste your energy and not rush through life at a breakneck pace, but rather to walk along it at a leisurely pace. It is also not a sin to spend more time in the fresh air or at least ventilate the room, do not go to bed late and do not watch TV for hours (working behind a monitor is also considered). Should consciously to curb their impulses through the development of psychic abilities. It is strongly recommended to practice yoga or Western psychotherapy practices.

Author of the article: I. Egorova (aka_silikus)