Health horoscope: Capricorn

In the Department of Capricorn are the gall bladder, stomach, liver, skin, joints (and generally all bones) and ears. Probably, therefore, the most common chronic diseases among representatives of this sign are: deafness, gout, sciatica, arthritis, dental diseases, fragility of nails and hair, gallstones, rheumatism, liver and stomach diseases, salt lumps on the hands and feet and eczema. Nervousness, hysteria, mental illnesses and General weakness are manifested in Capricorns periodically.
In addition to the above, Capricorns are very often injured (especially in childhood), both in everyday life and in emergency situations.

Health horoscope: Capricorn

At an early age, Capricorns can have dangerous diseases or accidents that negatively affect their health. It is not surprising that as a result, many Capricorns become real hypochondriacs, prone to depression and frequent colds.

Indeed, we must admit that in childhood and youth, Capricorns are usually painful and weak. During this period, they suffer from many serious diseases and sometimes even risk premature death. Only by the age of 20-25, their body gets stronger, becomes hardy and easily copes with the ailments that have overcome it. Oddly enough, among the Capricorns there are many centenarians!

Capricorn: character traits

By nature, Capricorns are melancholy with a touch of phlegmatism. They are too responsible and withdrawn, which causes them a great sense of anxiety. Their excessive skepticism, distrust, and endless Analytics harm relationships with relatives and friends! In particular, because of the peculiarities of their character, Capricorns often feel an internal cold, and then their nervous system is strained to the limits. Since Capricorns generally do not manage to relax easily, they either resort to "unhealthy" relaxation methods (Smoking, alcohol, chocolate abuse, and so on), or work until they are completely exhausted and exhausted. Despite the fact that Capricorns, as a rule, like to eat good food, during periods of depression and nervous tension, they almost completely refuse to sleep and eat, which only exacerbates their difficult situation.


Tips For Capricorns

Capricorns should not be allowed to overwork, catch a cold, dress easily (which many Capricorns love so much), go to work or study in a sick state.
It is necessary to find relaxation-muscular and mental-in "healthy" sources: meditation, yoga, classical sports, photography, playing musical instruments, painting and activities related to fine motor skills (knitting, sewing, embroidery, beading, clay modeling, wood carving, burning, engraving, etc.)

At the table, Capricorns should avoid pickles and marinades, and give preference to cheese, cottage cheese and boiled or baked fish.

It is strongly recommended that Capricorns monitor their sleep, nutrition and rest regime: if possible, get enough sleep, eat regularly, and take frequent short breaks at work.