Health horoscope: Libra

Zodiac sign Libra is responsible for the lower back, kidneys, and upper pelvis. Therefore, Libra should monitor the quality of water consumed, eat less starch, fat and sugar, and create the most comfortable, calm environment around them that does not contribute to unnecessary adrenaline releases. In addition, Libra is prone to various types of allergies. This is important to take into account when preparing a festive and everyday menu.

Since, from the point of view of health astrology, Libra also controls the spine, representatives of this sign should be careful of curvature of the spine, which will often be accompanied by characteristic pain.

Libra's predilection for social events and lavish meals can lead to rapid weight gain. To prevent this from happening, Libra needs to eat strawberries, cucumbers, raspberries and celery more often and, of course, do not let yourself go at the table.

Character Of Scales

The unbalanced nature of the Scales affects their mental health. This is not surprising, because their mental life is divided into two periods. The first period is hard work, and the second (it replaces the first) is pessimism and depression. Such a cycle is hard to reflect on the daily and creative activities of many Libra, so Libra should be alert to their mood and, if necessary, be sure to seek advice and support from a psychologist, psychotherapist or at least to loyal friends!

Tips for women

Libra women of the first and third decades feel an almost pathological need for love, affection, care and understanding, which is why they can sometimes suffer from psychosomatic and nervous disorders and fall into a state of affect.

For the psycho-emotional makeup of Libra women of the second decade, calmness in the global sense of the word is important, so they need to find a harmonious compromise between their inner world and the outside world, where they face people and various unpleasant circumstances. In General, Libra of the second decade is prone to chronic diseases, which means that they should try to accumulate as much vital energy and strength as possible.

Весы зодиак

As for men born under the sign of Libra, here doctors-astrologers say the following.

Tips for men

Libra men of the first decade hate to get sick and physically suffer. Therefore, they should avoid overexertion and burnout.

Libra men of the second decade are conniving about health problems and like to always insist on their own. They need to better control their health and be more attentive to their well-being.

Representatives of the third decade of Libra often allow themselves too much-both in terms of emotions, and in terms of food and drink. For them, it is important to remember the sense of measure, which, in fact, is the symbol of Libra.