Health horoscope: Pisces

Pisces is under the protection of Neptune and, according to some astrologers, Jupiter, which contributes to the fact that after 30 years, representatives of the sign of Pisces sometimes experience a sharp rise in the material sphere.

Health horoscope: Pisces

The health of Fish is naturally weak and fragile. Since childhood, they suffer from chronic diseases that they struggle with throughout their lives. In addition, they often catch colds, cooling the lungs and bronchi, and catch various infections.

The most vulnerable part of the Fish body is the legs (feet and fingers). They also have long-term bone pain, which is caused by a lack of phosphorus and iron in their body.

With age, additional unpleasant companions of Fish are hormonal disorders, glandular diseases, eye ailments, blood circulation disorders, gout, menstrual disorders (in women) and panic attacks.


Character of the Pisces zodiac sign

By nature, the Fish are dreamy, sentimental, although they appear cold and detached. They are weak energetically people with a receptive psyche, and therefore easily fall under someone else's bad influence, believe persuasions and indulge in illusions. In society, Fish behave at first sluggish, secretive and silent, and then, having got their bearings, they gush with emotions and discover the gift of eloquence. Despite this contrasting behavior, we can say unequivocally: in the soul of Pisces, they see themselves only as leaders, and if they get a chance to take the "bull by the horns", they destroy everything around them, just to carry out their will. By the way, with the will of the Fish always problems, because they can not understand themselves and then zealous in self-discipline, then, on the contrary, openly condone their weaknesses, removing all responsibility. This is why even the positive trait of Pisces – a love of painting, literature and music – can play a cruel joke on Them: in the field of art (as well as in professional activities), they develop irrepressible ambitions that prepare them for a lot of trouble from the nervous system. Therefore, it is important for Fish to remain sober (in all senses of the word), calm and wise, otherwise the storm of negative passions will plunge them into the abyss of total degradation.

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Tips For Fish

To improve physical and moral health, Fish need to rest in a sparsely populated place and away from water, for example, at a dacha or just in a shady forest. To strengthen their bones, they should eat fish and cottage cheese more often. With regard to medicine and treatment: they should regularly take blood tests and do not let the health situation take its course. Finally, the advice that applies to all signs of the Zodiac, but first of all to Pisces: you need to be less nervous and not overload yourself mentally and emotionally.