Health horoscope: Scorpio

Scorpio is the second water sign of the Zodiac. His Department includes the lower abdomen, the sacrum, the cardiovascular system, and the entire excretory system, including the genitals. Typical diseases of Scorpio include: various inflammations of the bladder, mononucleosis, prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate), all uterine pathologies (endometriosis, prolapse, cancer, etc.), infertility, gonorrhea, hemophilia, hysteria, mental disorders, diseases of the rectum and sigmoid colon.

Health horoscope: diseases of Scorpions

I must say that in his youth, Scorpio is often quite dismissive of his health, because it is by nature quite good (however, Scorpions of the first decade (23.10-2.11) can suffer from any defects on the face, causing their owners a lot of experiences). And indeed, Scorpio rarely gets sick, but almost always seriously. When this happens, Scorpio requires a long rest and a lot of attention from the household to restore strength.

In everyday life, at the table, Scorpions should avoid food that excites the nervous system. In addition, they are contraindicated sharp and alcoholic beverages (although Scorpions are prone to abuse wine, sometimes even they try drugs).


Tips For Scorpions

Doctors-astrologers strongly recommend that Scorpions devote their leisure hours to sports: they will benefit from daily dousing with cold water, playing tennis or swimming, and in winter – skiing. Frequent change of environment (tourism) also has a beneficial effect on the body of Scorpions – so it is easier for Them to get rid of obsessive sad thoughts!