Hormonal background and acne on the face: down with milk and white bread!

As it became known, milk and white bread significantly affect the change in the hormonal background in the human body. Moreover, excessive use of these products can lead to acne on the person's face and hands.

Oh, how many troubles, emotions and even tears can cause acne on the face! The deterioration of the skin and the appearance of acne indicates that the body has failed, and the skin is just a mirror in which we see the reflection of internal problems. Of course, the skin is also exposed to negative external influences: overcooling in winter, over-drying in summer, weathering, exposure to harmful chemicals. 

Poor-quality skin care products and cheap cosmetics also contribute to the deterioration of the skin. But still, it is the health of a person in the first place is the factor that determines the condition of the skin of the face. As you know, acne on the face appears when: hormonal disorders, including during puberty; violations of the gastrointestinal tract; improper nutrition; the use of aggressive cosmetics.

Why do you have acne on your face?

Any malfunction in the body can cause acne on the face. Incorrectly selected treatment, abuse of sweet, fatty, flour food, the onset of menopause, stress – all these factors can trigger the growth of the sebaceous glands, their blockage and the appearance of disfiguring the face of terrible purulent acne.

Nutritionists claim that the state of the skin of the face is directly affected by the food that we are used to consume. Our face is a reflection of our gastronomic preferences, and often a change in eating style leads to getting rid of acne without extra effort. Sweets and fatty foods were until recently considered the main enemy of beautiful and clean skin. But recent research has led experts to conclude that milk and all products with a high glycemic index also provoke acne.

So what is the glycemic index? How does the glycemic index affect the level of hormones in the blood?

The glycemic index determines the rate of absorption of carbohydrates by the body. The highest index of glycemic index has potatoes, flour products from wheat flour and sweet carbonated water. Glucose from these products is almost instantly absorbed into the blood, increases the level of sugar and provokes changes in hormonal levels. The high glycemic index of white bread, dates and beer makes these products dangerous to health (in the case of dates, however, the picture is ambiguous), but the use of salads, tomatoes, garlic, sunflower seeds, onions, cabbage, eggplants and mushrooms will make you healthier, slimmer and more beautiful.

And why is it better for those who suffer from acne on their face to give up milk?

As for milk, it is dangerous because the androgens contained in it - cow's milk hormones-actively stimulate the secretion of sebum and the work of the endocrine glands. Doctors believe that the effect of melatonin, progesterone and estrogen from milk can cause irritability, depression, and the release of insulin after a glass of milk is as intense as after eating white bread. Hormones in milk, according to doctors, are the cause of early puberty and can provoke the occurrence of prostate and breast cancer. People with diabetes, hypertension and obesity should not drink a lot of milk. So reconsider the principles of your diet, and perhaps giving up milk and white bread will help you get rid of acne on your face without using medications. It is not for nothing that Hippocrates said: "We are what we eat.»