How do I improve my mood when I'm feeling down? Step two: drinking and vitamins

Well, those who prefer recipes that were tested by our grandmothers can prepare daily teas from adaptogen plants. These include: Radiola rose, Chinese Magnolia vine, ginseng, Siberian ginseng. The power of nature in herbs can work wonders!

Борьба с хандрой

Mint, Melissa, motherwort, hops, Valerian, collected in a canvas bag, "sleeping" under your pillow, will make sleep stronger and healthier. But this same collection can be used to make a soothing tea, if you understand that you can not cope with irritation and nervousness on your own.


Replace the usual morning coffee or tea-black or green-with a decoction of adaptogens that increase vitality and endurance, and in a couple of weeks you will see that you are literally overflowing with positive energy.


Knowing the insidiousness of beriberi, a frequent companion of the off-season, take measures to prevent it. Armed with knowledge about the vitamins contained in various products, you can create a balanced menu for every day and easily get rid of the consequences of vitamin deficiency.

Do you feel that your vision has begun to weaken, your eyes are getting tired quickly, and your skin is peeling? You can be sure that your body is deficient in vitamin A. Include in the menu carrots in the form of salads (always with sour cream or olive oil), apricots (you can use dried apricots), pumpkin, red, orange and yellow bell peppers, as well as tomatoes.


If you bite a hard Apple and find blood on its flesh, if you have a vascular network on your skin, and acute respiratory infections have become a frequent guest for you, most likely you have a lack of vitamin C. Replenish it by including black currant, sea buckthorn, rosehip, citrus fruits in your diet. Do not forget that the simplest and most effective means are always at hand. For example, ordinary onions become a storehouse of vitamin C closer to spring, while other fruits and vegetables rapidly lose their useful properties. Do not neglect your favorite product Pinocchio, fill them with salads of fresh and sauerkraut.

Vitamin K deficiency can cause nosebleeds. If you do not suffer from hypertension (sometimes blood from the nose can be the result of high pressure), then eggs, liver, green peas, fish oil and leafy greens will help you to strengthen blood vessels.

Feel irritability, excitability, rapid fatigue? Mood swings can throw from tears to almost hysterical laughter? This means that we begin to eat foods containing b vitamins, because they are responsible for the stable functioning of our nervous system. Buckwheat, nuts, legumes, eggs, rice, fish, milk, meat, oats – if these products are often included in your menu, it will not take much time to restore your mental balance.

Often, vitamin PP deficiency leads to distraction, memory loss, and depression. Do not deny yourself a daily piece of lean poultry and fish, cheese and dried mushrooms. Buy brewer's yeast from a drugstore, season salads with sesame seeds, and eat prunes.

You can make up for the lack of vitamin E with vegetable oil, rosehip, green leafy vegetables and eggs, and vitamin d deficiency with fatty fish and dairy products .

Do not forget that the maximum amount of vitamins contains fresh vegetables and fruits , and the way they are prepared determines the" usefulness " of the product for the body.

Yes, be sure to include fiber and phytosorbents in your diet. They will help to remove toxins from the body, which means that they will prepare it for"fortification".