How to learn to pull up: five simple rules for pulling up

Due to the popularity of gyms, the incompetence of those people who go there also increases. How is this related? Very simply. People do not hire professional trainers, but begin to perform exercises themselves without knowledge of simple physiological basics. This also applies to one of the most important exercises for strengthening the back – pull-UPS. Let's formulate five simple rules for mastering this exercise.

Rule 1. Security

Start with the simplest pull-up on the crossbar without any additional load. No chattering movements, pull-UPS with extra weight, no tricks on the crossbar!

Rule 2. Simplicity

Start pulling up on a low bar standing on the ground. Try your best to pull your torso towards the crossbar, helping yourself with your feet if necessary.

Rule 3: Tools

Use a special rubber band to reduce the load, which partially relieves the load on the heart. Do this as long as your muscles will not become stronger.

Rule 4: Help

Ask someone to support your waist when you pull up. This is not only a way of tactile communication, but also a way to reduce pressure on the spine and lower back.

Rule 5: Regularity

With each training session, you will progress. Don't force the process. Try to enjoy your progress. Do all the previous points until you can pull up five times in the usual way.

We wish you good luck!