How to sleep properly, or Why can't I sleep?

We go to bed every day, but we don't always get enough sleep. Why is this happening? In addition to many personal reasons – accumulated stress , excessive physical activity, uncomfortable bed, and so on – there are others that are easy to eliminate in most cases.

How to sleep properly, or Why can't I sleep?

1. In the room where you sleep, there should not be unnecessary light sources. The glow of the moon, the TV on, the flashing lights on the computer – not the best companions of a healthy night's sleep. If it is not possible to turn off all appliances and close the curtains, put a special blindfold over your eyes.

2. About the TV: despite a widespread belief that under his "mumbling" and is easier to sleep, turn it off before sleep a must, otherwise the brain will get the signal in the noise, speech and pictures and can't relax!

3. before going to bed (1.5 hours in advance), you should stop listening to and watching programs that excite the nervous system (especially news that details shocking troubles around the world and in our country). Avoid any information that further depresses you or helps you get worked up.

4. 1 hour before bedtime, you need to reduce physical activity (do not do exercises that you did not have time to do during the day or decided to do urgently to burn extra calories obtained during dinner). Women are not recommended to sew, embroider, or generally engage in other painstaking work that puts strain on the eyes. As practice shows, such classes do not contribute to falling asleep quickly.

5. the Room in which you sleep, it is desirable to ventilate before night. Even better: sleep, leaving the window ajar.

6. to relax before going to bed, you can drink a little tea with milk or honey (or use other recipes of folk medicine for sleep disorders), listen to soothing music, do meditation.

7. you can Not eat chocolate at night, use spices that stimulate the nervous system, eat gas-forming or heavy food that requires long digestion.

8. If it is very difficult to fall asleep, read a book that is not very interesting for you, do yourself a massage of the feet or other parts of the legs, comb your hair, massaging your head along the way, make a mask on your face .
    Authors of the article: I. Egorova (aka_silikus) and Dr. K. Paraska

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