Hypersensitivity of the teeth

– increased pain and tactile sensitivity of the teeth. 


Pathogenesis of dental hyperesthesia

It is associated with an increase in enamel permeability and the perception of pain by the receptor apparatus of the tooth with intact hard tissues.

Symptoms of dental hyperesthesia

Sharply expressed sensitivity to temperature, chemical and physical stimuli, a sense of shame. Teeth are usually intact.

Hyperesthesia as a symptom is observed in pathological Erasure, exposure of the necks of teeth in periodontal diseases, caries and other dental lesions.

Treatment of dental hyperesthesia

Treatment of teeth with fluorides, preferably with fluoride varnish and other remineralizing agents. Electrophoresis of sodium fluoride, vitamin B1, novocaine, etc. Inside preparations of calcium and phosphorus.

Prognosis of dental hyperesthesia


Prevention of dental hyperesthesia

Rational dental care, it is advisable to avoid acidic food. Important is the timely replacement of defects of dentition.