Juice from Chinese lemongrass berries

The juice of lemongrass berries is used in winemaking for blending wines, and in cooking - for making jelly, tonic drink, filling for sweets, jam or syrup. Residents of the Far East also use it as a food acid. 

To make juice from lemongrass, freshly picked berries need to be washed, squeezed out. The resulting juice is poured into an enameled bowl, mixed with sugar (for 2 cups of juice-400 g of sugar). The mass is heated over low heat for 10 to 15 minutes, then poured into sterilized jars, tightly closed with lids and stored in the refrigerator. 

To prepare syrup from lemongrass, 1 kg of sugar should be boiled with 2 cups of water. 

Mix the lemongrass juice with the resulting sugar syrup in a ratio of 1:2. After the liquid has cooled, pour it into sterilized bottles and store in a cool place. (This syrup can be added to tea or water to make a drink that perfectly quenches thirst.) You can use another method: rub 1 kg of lemongrass berries with 1 kg of sugar, let the mixture stand in a cold place for a week, then strain the resulting liquid, pour it into a clean glass container, close the lid tightly and put it in the refrigerator for storage.