– dystrophic change of the mucous membrane, accompanied by keratinization of the epithelial layer.

The Etiology Of Leukoplakia

Local chronic irritating factors, Smoking, alcohol.

Pathogenesis Of Leukoplakia

It develops against the background of weak chronic inflammation; it is considered as a kind of protective reaction to chronic irritation of the mucous membrane. Vitamin a deficiency matters.

Symptoms and course of Leukoplakia

Mostly elderly men are ill. The usual localization is the mucous membrane of the cheeks near the corner of the mouth, the tongue, and the lower lip.

Forms Of Leukoplakia

With a flat form, there are no complaints or there is a sense of tightening; the focus of the mucous membrane becomes cloudy, as keratinization opalescing, resembling mother-of-pearl; slightly protrudes above the relief of the mucous membrane.

Warty shape: sharply defined areas of keratinization, often layered on the foci of flat leucoplakia; the surface of the hillock.

The erosive form is manifested by erosions and cracks against the background of foci of other forms of leukoplakia.

Treatment Of Leukoplakia

Oral sanitation, Smoking cessation, alcohol intake; vitamin A (concentrate inside 10 drops 3 times a day). Repeated treatment with the aerosol preparation "Livian"is effective. In case of damage to the lips – photoprotective cream. The appearance of signs of malignancy is the basis for excision; patients are taken under medical supervision.

Prognosis Of Leukoplakia

The flat shape is reversible. Warty and erosive forms are considered as precancerous.