Love and sex for the zodiac sign Scorpio

Zodiac sign Scorpions-love and sex are really compatible, you only need to approach it wisely!

Знак зодиака Скорпионы

Astrology of love is the most subtle science. But you have the opportunity to understand the thoughts of such a multi-faceted sign as Scorpio. You will not get bored in a relationship with him – we guarantee it!

How to make Scorpions love?

Those who have already been in a relationship with this restless sign, sometimes think that the sign of Scorpio and love are incompatible. But this is not true: Scorpions are very passionate and enthusiastic natures. They are very inquisitive and greedy for knowledge, and in addition, they love everything new. It is very easy to attract them with a tour or a hike. Scorpions love to solve mysteries and riddles, so the main thing when communicating with them is not to reveal all the cards at once.

How to attract it

You must become a person who manages to be both open and mysterious. Be prepared for the fact that your chosen one expects you to be chaste, then passionate, then bright, then modest, then submissive, then rebellious. He is torn by contradictions and expects from you the same complex inner world. In General, for a Scorpion, the inner world is even more important than the appearance. Of course, Scorpions can see beauty and admire it, but it is not enough for Scorpio.

Знак зодиака Скорпионы – любовь и секс реально совместимы, нужно только подойти с умом!

When communicating with him, it is worth remembering that this zodiac sign loves attention. Admire him, support any of his projects, be loyal to him – and he will reciprocate. Share with them their Hobbies: theater, movies, museums, paintings, art, music. Your Scorpion will be pleased.

First date with a Scorpion

Scorpio is a sign that plunges headlong into new relationships. But know this: it will require you to be just as engaged. Leave the leadership and the right to choose in General to them, otherwise they will think that you are neglecting them.

Свидание со скорпионом - любовь и секс

Support topics that are interesting to Scorpio, since there are a lot of them. It is not a sin to even prepare for a conversation-these people are always enthusiastic and know a lot. It is also necessary to laugh at his jokes, however, and the sense of humor of this zodiac sign is excellent.

Scorpions do not like a large crowd of people and prefer a romantic environment – keep this in mind when planning a first date.

Violent quarrels and bright reconciliation

A quarrel with a Scorpion is like a volcano – it immediately flares up, screams loudly and gives vent to feelings. Broken plates in anger are not uncommon in the homes of many Scorpions. If you don't want a prolonged conflict and resentment sown in this vulnerable heart, let him speak out. Your Scorpio will expose all your shortcomings, Express hundreds of claims and, seeing your upset face, immediately go to the settlement itself. There is only one way to wait out this eruption – with the idea that the reconciliation will be just as... temperamental.

Sex for the zodiac sign Scorpio

Astrology of love considers Scorpio one of the most temperamental signs of the zodiac . Sex for the zodiac sign Scorpio is an integral part of relationships. Interest in the intimate side of life occurs in their early youth and does not fade until old age. By maturity, Scorpions accumulate a wealth of experience, which they are extremely proud of. In sex with Scorpions, you can forget about dominance, but be sure that he will give you amazing pleasure – in matters of passion for him there are no prohibitions, and the imagination of this sign is inexhaustible.

Family and marriage for Scorpio

If a Scorpion has made you an offer, be sure that He has considered it a hundred times. In matters of family, he is extremely scrupulous, preferring to marry or get married once and for life. In family life, Scorpio successfully combines the role of protector, lover and provider, and this applies to both men and women.

Семья и секс для скорпиона

Yes, he can be rude. But it more than pays off with incredible attention to your partner, the ability to surprise and please her. Scorpions make loyal and generous husbands. Scorpio women make attentive, though strict mothers. Experience shows that children only benefit from this.

Love each other!