Morels are tall

Morels high are much less common than other representatives of this type of fungi. They grow in April-June, as a rule, singly or in small families in coniferous forests, on the edges, campfires, as well as in mountainous or grassy areas. 

Outwardly, the tall morels resemble conical morels. However, their cap is darker in color than the latter, and the fruit body has a slightly larger size (up to 25-30 cm tall).

The surface of the cap of the high morel is covered with olive-brown, brown or black-brown triangular cells (the intensity of the color of the cells depends on the age of the fungus). The cells are grouped in more or less vertical rows, each of which is bounded on two sides by olive-ochre ribs.

The stem of the morel is high cylindrical, granular, 5 -15 cm high and 3-4 cm thick, at the top of the diameter is almost equal to the cap. In young mushrooms, the leg is whitish, and in old ones-yellowish or ochreous.