Morels ordinary (real)

Morels ordinary (real) - this is most often a single mushroom, they can be found in April-May on the edges, in deciduous or coniferous forests, as well as in areas containing a large amount of lime.

In the common morel (real), the cap fuses with the stem, in color it is ochre-yellow, grayish, yellow-brown or light brown, and in shape – irregularly spherical or ovoid. The surface of the cap is sinuous-cellular (uneven edges form irregular wavy cells), while the inner part is hollow, waxy, without cells.

From the point of view of culinary characteristics, morels have a pleasant taste and aroma. As a rule, after a preliminary ten-fifteen-minute boiling, they are fried or stewed in sour cream (the broth from under the morels must be drained!).